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Six Tips to Improve Your Digital Photos

Posted by Allan on 01/08/2016
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Six Tips to Improve Your Digital Photos


Photography - Taking pictures

Photography – Taking pictures

1. Stop Making the Same Mistakes –
Look at your photos. Do you see a pattern, such as blurred or out-of-focus digital photos? Can you find the subject in each photo or does it get lost either because it is so far away or because there are so many competing elements?

To solve the first one, you have to understand the cause. When the whole photo is blurry, the cause is camera shake meaning you were trying to handhold the camera at too slow a shutter speed. Either shoot at a higher shutter speed or turn on your image stabilization, or use a tripod.

For shots where blurring is desired, use ISO 100, a slow shutter speed and shoot from a tripod. To identify your subject, get closer or create the illusion of close by using a telephoto lens.

2. Compare your shots with ones you wish you had taken –
To get ideas of good composition, look at photos shot by professional photographers, similar to your subject matter. Good places include, books, magazines, on the Internet and postcard racks.

Think about what you could have changed. The idea is not to copy their style, but to develop your own. But there is no harm in using some of their compositional tips to improve your digital photos.

3. Wait Before Your Shoot –
Once on site, take the time to walk around and visualize your shots. When you feel you have come up with some great shots, go ahead compose and shoot.

4. Shoot instinctively and quickly –
Before you start, I know this is the opposite of what I told you in the above paragraph, but to capture some shots – those one-in-a-lifetime shots – you have to instinctively raise your camera and shoot.

Mastering this type of photography requires setting you digital camera on a program mode. Let the camera do the work for you. Just bring up the camera, quickly compose and shoot what you have time for.

Usually, these shots are so fleeting, you may only have time for two or three shots. With this type of shooting, a zoom lens is invaluable. It gives you the flexibility to quickly select the best lens setting.

5. Reshoot –
While looking at your selection of photos, think about how you would re-shoot that same subject. If the location is local, go back at about the same time of year, compose and re-shoot those images. The same subject at the same location changes in appearance with the seasons.

6. Get a Second Opinion.
There are several good ways to do this. One is to join a local camera club. Usually there are some semi-professional photographers in these organizations who would be happy to critique your images. You will hear what you did right along with what you can do better next time. Take notes, then go back to that location and re-shoot those images using the advice from the critique.

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